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Enabling AI guided, value-centric personal choices to build a better and sustainable world. The Ultimate App for people who want to ACT on what they truly care about.

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You can now scan, search and learn everything to know about the product you are about to buy and the company that made it, with one important addition - How buying or not buying that product can help you make a difference.

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Sharing what you truly care about will help us provide you with personalized ratings and recommendations for things you use every day. You can also learn about new matters you may want to support.

How it works

Unbiased and reliable source

Actaware’s technological abilities to store and process large amounts of data allow to leverage Artificial Intelligence tools like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to gather and analyze information about firm activities across hundreds of sources: company self-disclosures, NGO watchdogs, news outlets, social media and more. We are not associated with any company or organization and are committed to bring distilled, relevant, and timely information to the users.

We secure your data and privacy

At Actaware, we know the importance of privacy and data protection. Because of our desire to ensure an adequate level of security for our users' data, we are constantly working to ensure the most comprehensive data protection based on the requirements of the world's most strict regulations (including the California Consumer or GDPR). User data is anonymized and stored on servers with appropriate security and certification.If you would like to learn more about our Cookies & Privacy Policy, please see here.

Beyond consumption

Users are able to teach Actaware their own values and the Actaware algorithm will provide personalized ratings and recommendations. Actaware provides scores based on all personal matters for all products: not only food, cosmetics, or clothes, not only green, not only carbon, not only ethical… We will support your decisions on more than products, but also charitable donations, universities, travel choices and so much more. We are attuned to new matters and providing updates and guidance all the time.

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